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To make a career and thus a living is very important in your life. You have to be very objective in deciding a career and you can find help doing that over here.

Career choice made turns the life of a person by a great measure. Although salaries matter, if you get into a field which you love, you will be happy all your life. On the other hand if you just work for those extra bucks alone, you have to regret a lot.

Many experts predict the emergence of new roles in the coming years with specialized educational courses evolving to serve the industry. The job market has become very dynamic over the years and you have to be very careful while deciding your job role or else a course that qualifies you for it.

You have got a wide range of options to choose your career from, which is an impact of globalization and, it is as important to know how the career tests for each course looks like. So, it’s imperative that you need career counseling from experts to scrap off all the wrong notions to opt for a job that suits your skills.

The educational qualifications provide a platform which lets you embark onto the desired roles and hence guidance for that too is quite necessary along with proper coaching, skill training (Industry Integrated Skill Training i.e. Sectorial Skills)  as the course and the institution which offers the course is to be evaluated based on various factors. PMKVY – Sectorial Skill Council  Courses are some of the most affordable and highly esteemed courses available to improve your career opportunities.

With a bias in the surveys, there is quite a great chance that a guy is trapped without the insights from the experts. You may access information that is prepared with great care and effort with inputs from most trusted sources so as to enable you choose the best and most suitable colleges.

This service will definitely be of valuable advice to sort out all the issues in making the most suitable career choice or a care


Career Guidance After 10th:

Every student in India decides their career post completing their 10th standard. The step which they take after 10th will decide their future. Career choice after 10th is not just an easy task to decide upon. One needs to understand his strength, area of interest and then decide which stream to take to have a fruitful career. Career Guidance is India’s strongest place to help students and parents to choose one’s career and they offer a bouquet of services such as counselling, career guidance report, free streamline test to access student knowledge and much more.


Counselling the student after 10th is very important because today there are many courses available in the colleges and schools. Students are confused on what course to take and what course to leave. Just imagine a 10th pass student has to choose his career with a mind full of confusion on whether to choose between science, maths, commerce, computer science and to proceed on for 11th and 12th or to choose a diploma and go to junior college. Besides traditional courses a 10h passed student today has many other opportunities such as programming, catering, app development, call centre courses and so on. Hence, choosing a career is not easy for students, a proper guidance with proper assessing of the students calibre and interest will pave success in the long run. If you have known any student who is doing their 10th standard or have completed their 10th and dreaming about what to do after, then please direct them to us. We will help them choose the best career after 10th.


We have experienced trainers and specialist who can judge a student’s willingness and direct them to the right course or stream. Visit and make sure that your future is secured by choosing the right decision.


What’s the right career for you after XII Choose here;

  1. Science b) Commerce   c) Arts


If you select,   a) Science,

The options are as follows:

  1. Aeronautical Engineer,
  2. Aerospace Engineer,
  3. Agricultural Engineer,
  4. Air Traffice Control Officer,
  5. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer,
  6. Architect,
  7. Audio Recording Engineer,
  8. Biomedical Engineer,
  9. Broadcast Engineer,
  10. Chemical Engineer,
  11. Dentist,
  12. Electrical Engineer,
  13. Electronics Engineer,
  14. Engineers
  15. Engineering Technician,
  16. Instrumentation Engineer,
  17. Manufacturing Engineer,
  18. Marine Engineer,
  19. Merchant Navy Officer,
  20. Naval Officer,
  21. Petrolium Engineer,
  22. Pilot,
  23. Robotic Engineer
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